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Schedule of Play & Programme
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Schedule of Play & Programme
Friday 18 March 1815 opening ceremony - HRH Danish Crown Prince Frederik
1930-2230 w1 den-ger nor-swe
Saturday 19 March 0900-1200 w2 chn-can usa-sui sco-cze rus-kor
1400-1700 w3 kor-nor swe-rus den-usa ger-sui
1930 Opening Banquet - Music Hall, Central Esbjerg
Sunday 20 March 1400-1700 w4 sui-cze kor-chn can-rus sco-usa
1900-2200 w5 sco-swe cze-nor ger-chn den-can
Monday 21 March 0900-1200 w6 usa-rus can-sco kor-sui cze-chn
1400-1700 w7 ger-sco chn-swe cze-den can-nor
1900-2200 w8 swe-kor sui-den nor-rus usa-ger
Tuesday 22 March 0900-1200 w9 can-cze nor-ger sco-chn swe-den
1400-1700 w10 nor-den usa-kor ger-swe rus-sui
1900-2200 w11 chn-sui sco-rus usa-can kor-cze
Wednesday 23 March 0900-1200 w12 rus-ger swe-sui den-kor nor-usa
1400-1700 w13 kor-sco chn-usa rus-cze sui-can
1900-2200 w14 swe-can ger-cze chn-nor den-sco
Thursday 24 March 0900-1200 w15 cze-usa kor-can sui-sco chn-rus
1400-1700 w16 den-chn sco-nor can-ger cze-swe
1900-2200 w17 sui-nor rus-den swe-usa ger-kor
Friday 25 March 0900-1200 TB Tie-breaker (if 1 required)
1400-1700 TB Tie-breaker (if 2 required)
1900-2200 TB/PO Play-Offs 1v2 and / or 3v4 (Tie-breaker if 3 required)
Saturday 26 March 1000-1300 PO Play-Offs 1v2 and / or 3v4
1500-1800 SEMI Semi Final
Sunday 27 March 1000-1300 BRZ Bronze Medal Game
1500-1800 FINAL Gold Medal Game followed by Closing Ceremony
1930 Closing Banquet - Fisheries & Maritime Museum
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